new project


Ami 6

Welcome to this webpage. I’m currently working on a new interactive object, and it will be my pleasure to provide you with regular updates – clips, photos and rough sketches. In 2016, visitors of visual arts festivals and street theatre festivals will hopefully encounter the new object.

Encouraged by the success of Scubabianchi, the ‘Aquarium Car’ (, I’ve come to realize that the best way to develop my craft is to further specialize in animated interactive objects for public space. Objects that are not only visually striking, but can give everyday reality an unexpected twist. I strive to make these objects as dynamic as possible, so I’m constantly looking for the best technological solutions and for nifty mechanical tricks that stir the imagination of the audience.

‘Vintage DJ-ing’ is the other main activity of my company EXOOT. Radio Barkas and Kalipofoon will stay part of EXOOT, but I have asked a few talented and experienced DJ’s to take over that job – under my supervision. That way, I’m able to focus on my interactive objects. Of course, I’m still an avid record collector and I will always love to spin tunes once in a while.

Recycling is an integral part of all my projects, and at the starting point of this new adventure is a French car from the sixties: the Citroën Ami 6. The Citroën will be narrowed down in length as well as in width. This way, the object will be like a smaller version of the original Citroën, and this makes the car appear more friendly, more playful, more human, if you like. The idea is that this car will have a personality all of its own and that it will be cruising the streets: flirting, ‘dancing’ and playing with the public.

A car with something approaching a human personality: it’s an idea that has been explored in television serie (Knight Rider, Brum) and in cinema: the Herbie-movies, and the hugely popular Pixar-flick Cars, still a favorite with the kids. However, I always felt that many of those famous anthropomorphic cars were a bit static. It’s quite a challenge to develop a better, more dynamic version, but that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

During the show, I will be walking among the public, as inconspicuously as possible: only a very keen observer should be able to see that it’s me controlling the car from a distance, using a remote. Using a range of special effects and mechanical tricks, the car can then interact with the audience, ready to use all the theatrical opportunities offered by the specific public space where it may find itself on a particular day.

This car comes with eyelids that can flutter and twitch and a movable bumper can create a mouth. It will dance, it will raise itself to a height of 2,5 metres, it will fly – and all this to the sound of early sixties dance tracks and a wide range of samples. There will be scents, smoke and water to stimulate the senses, and a couple of playful shock effects will be thrown in for good measure.

Yes, this flirting rascal loves to dance with everybody. When his flirting finally gets a response from someone in the audience, he takes off in ecstasy.

Check this movie of Spandy Andy from Australia to get the idea.